Marketing (May 2020)

Working very closely with my wonderful team at Vanquish Media Group, we had the pleasure of helping AccountFWD with a small rebrand, new web design, and initial setup of paid media.  AccountFWD is a modern and fresh accounting and tax consulting firm, focusing on more new-age companies and entrepreneurs.


Rebrand, Web Design, Paid Media.


The biggest change in the rebrand came in changing the logo.  We decided to go with a more modern, edgy logo, that helps infer “money” that’s where the green came in.  In addition, by highlighting the “W” we were able to create an alternative smaller, square logo, that could be used for alternative assets, while still helping convey the overall brand identity.

Web Design:

The website redesign was the biggest challenge here.  Fortunately, we already had a core WordPress base to work from, so much of the content was already in place.  Our job was merely making it sleeker, more user friendly, conveying expertise in the fields of accounting and tax services.  We redesigned the pages to have a little more symmetry to them, incorporating the new color scheme, and a geometric pattern across the pages and helped users flow through content easier, both online and on mobile since a good portion of the traffic came from there.  In addition, we added all of the typical SEO upgrades and integrated a fully functional sales funnel, where leads and contacts would be hit will automated follow-ups.  And finally, we connected the entire site to analytics and advertising tracking, so that anyone who signed up, would be tracked accordingly so that advertising adjustment could be made over time.

View site:

Paid Media:

Because AccountFWD is still a smaller operation, the idea behind constructing the paid media campaign was mostly to integrate the proper tracking pixels across the web and connecting them to the new website and CRM.  In addition, this consisted of creating a few preliminary ads and assets, while also developing the initial Ad Accounts, both for Google and Facebook Business Manager.  Here are a few examples of the ads created.


Here is a short summary video of the project.