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Digital Media

In a world that is ever more moving online, social, and into your hands, there is no better time to have an effective digital media campaign to capture audiences, sales, and market share.


You need customers, prospects, and leads to generate new business.  We know where to find them, how to attract them, and how to create a sustainable model driven by data and productivity.


There is no medium more powerful than a visual one.  One that captures attention, captivity, and interest.  Film and videos allow brands to distinguish themselves while being creative, different.

Our Mission

Like you, I am passionate about my work. I thrive on transforming ideas, no matter how big or small, into flourishing businesses, and final products. But as exhilarating as executing an idea can be, the demands are equally stressful and complicated.

By working with Cyprian Francis Creative, we alleviate some of that stress and allow you to focus on the parts of the business you do best. I am here to share my knowledge of digital marketing, media, and film, so your idea can grow and prosper to the fullest. I’m armed with a varied team of talented and passionate professionals ready to go—day or night. I look forward to working together.

Our Services

Web Design

An effective and up to date web presence in essential to sustaining business market share. We design, build, and manage company websites to gain the most visitor and convert the most sales.

Email Marketing

Consistently communicating and connecting with customers is critical to repeat business. We manage all of the essential pieces of email marketing to build a healthy following and customer base.

Project Management

Rolling out new products, features, and or services is critical to long term growth. We step in at any stage of a release to improve efficiency, communication, and ensure successful completion.

Digital Marketing

Finding your target customer is the best way to fully optimize your marketing budget. We implement marketing strategies across multiple digital platforms to efficiently put advertising dollars to use.

Business Consulting

Every business consists of a many pieces, and seeing these pieces work together successfully generates incredible value. We help fill voids in the operational processes by implementing new methods.

Video Production

Visually broadcast your message with a professional video. We are hands on throughout the entire production process, actively engaging in creative, casting, production, and final edits.

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Ask The Streets About Me

Scrolling through Facebook today I was reminded of a photo from 9 years ago. 9 years ago! Man time flies. But it’s a photo from the “set” of Block Diaries, the hood web series I shot with my friend Cornell Hill. This is me in the thick of things, doing what I love, filming, creating…
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